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Retro Recipe: Curried Chex Mix with Coconut and Cashews

By Meghan McAndrews
Created January 10, 2017
Start your party right and serve up this retro-fabulous snack mix, packed with crunchy chow mein, sweet coconut and spicy curry.
retro recipe curried chex mix with coconut and cashews

Some people collect coins, I collect cookbooks…spiral-bound, church-fundraiser type of cookbooks, to be exact. While one would think after book number three, four, eight or 12, I’d have enough recipes for casseroles, pies and cocktail meatballs to last a lifetime. Yeah, no, I can never have too many casserole/pie/cocktail meatball recipes OR cookbooks. 

You see, in these worn and ragged books lies a veritable gold mine, including nuggets like this recipe for Curried Chex Mix with Coconut and Cashews, discovered while thumbing through a Lutheran cookbook from Iowa, published in the early ‘70s. With a base of Rice Chex cereal and chow mein (an underutilized ingredient in modern-day cooking, if you ask me!), fortified with whole cashews, sweetened coconut flakes and drenched in a spicy, curry-butter sauce, I’d argue that this snack mix is as equally addictive as the Original Chex Party Mix. Like most Chex party mix recipes, it makes a whole bunch, making it a perfect recipe to bring to potlucks, put out at open houses or wrap up and gift during the holidays. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!