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Taste Test: Snack Bars

By Meghan McAndrews
Created January 10, 2017
Crunchy or chewy? Protein-packed or fiber-filled? Granola or grain-free? Everyone has an opinion about what makes a snack bar great, and Betty’s snack-happy editors are no exception.
Lara Bars

LÄRABARs have been a mainstay in my house for several years for a whole slew of reasons: they’re gluten free and full of good-for-you stuff, are perfect for a quick fuel-up and they taste really great. (I also participated in my gym’s six-week paleo challenge last winter and reached for LÄRABARs when I needed a guilt-free sweet. It always did the trick!) This summer, my husband and I are loving the new ALT bars, which boast protein from peas rather than soy or whey. The peanut butter cookie variety is always in our pantry, as are roasted nut roll Über bars, which, I kid you not, are better than a candy bar. —Erin Madsen, Executive Editor

Taste Test Granola Bars

Cascadian Farm does it again! I’ve been a devout fan of their French Vanilla Almond Granola cereal for too many breakfasts (and occasional dinners) to count. So when I learned about these new crunchy granola bars I was as nervous as I was excited. Would they be as good as my cherished cereal? Could I love them both the same? And really, they’re made with just seven ingredients? The answers are yes, yes and yes! Perfectly crunchy, subtly sweet and USDA organic, these bars have earned themselves a permanent spot in my cupboard—right next to my cereal. —Kayla Knudson, Senior Editor

Open Larabar

Forget road rage; raise your hand if you suffer from road hunger. In order to quell my rumbling tummy during gnarly commutes home, I often find myself reaching into my glove box for a LÄRABAR mini. A 12-count box includes a mix of three equally yummy flavors (Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie and Apple Pie), each bearing an ingredient list so simple a 2nd-grader could read it. And clocking in at around 100 calories a pop, LÄRA’s petite treats hit the spot (without ruining my appetite for dinner), leaving me free to unwind on my drive home, rather than obsess over the empty status of my stomach. —Meghan McAndrews, Senior Editor