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Taste Test: Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes

Created January 10, 2017
Easy holiday sides get even easier (and more delicious!) thanks to new crowd-ready flavors of Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes.
taste test: betty crocker ultimate potatoes

The product: Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes, available in three new flavors: smoked bacon and white cheddar, roasted garlic and parmesan, and sour cream and chive.  

Why we love them:
Holiday meals require a lot of planning and multi-tasking, so it’s great to have a reliable shortcut dish that comes together in a flash and still impresses your guests. We especially love the new mashed potato varieties because they add grown-up flavor profiles to basic mashed potatoes that everyone at the table already loves.  

Double the flavor:
We amped up the new flavors of the potatoes by adding handfuls of fresh cheeses, herbs and bacon as a finishing touch before serving.