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Pink-is-for-Girls Baby Shower

Created January 10, 2017
We know. It sometimes seems a gender-neutral world. But, sometimes, the time's right to treat your mom-to-be friend to a decidedly pink-inspired baby shower. See our pinkalicious food and decorating ideas; let guests provide the pink-wrapped gifts and girlie goodies.
Strawberry and Cream Cupcakes

Pinkalicious Party Pointers

  • Choose seasonal pink flowers and arrange in several small clear glass vases or tag sale vases you've sprayed with pink paint.
  • Use a length of hot or baby pink fabric as a table runner over a white table cloth. Add pink napkin rings or tie ribbon bows to white cloth napkins.
  • Paint wooden letters found at craft stores with baby's name or initials to use in table centerpiece.
  • Look for more pinkalicious ideas with a Search for 'pink cakes,' including lots more yummy cupcakes. Use cupcakes as holders for place tags, like those pictured!

Set the Stage with a Theme

  • Showers aren't just about the gifts; they are for celebrating the beginning of new life—or new lives—as the case may be! While showers are most often given for the first child, good friends and families may just want to gather and celebrate every child.
  • An 'around the clock' theme helps focus the gifts on activities that happen during all 24 hours in a day! Guests get a time of day assigned to them and come up with a gift that's appropriate. Here are some ideas: 6 a.m. baby bottles, feeding gear and diapers, 10 a.m. on-the-go items for in the car and diapers, 2 p.m. nap time crib bedding or sleep helpers, like music CDs or plush toys that emit soothing sounds, 7 p.m. bath time towels, toys, skincare products and diapers!
  • Color coordinate party to nursery colors or use nursery decor for party's theme. Moms-to-be will appreciate getting items they've chosen on 'wish lists' and guests appreciate the ease in choosing gifts they know are wanted.
  • Coordinate the purchase of a larger item, like a stroller or car seat, and let the party be more about the gathering than the gifts.
  • When the gathering is for a second child, bring items that pamper the new mom or make it a casserole shower for meals the family can rely on in days ahead. What's not to like about that!
  • Long-Distance Baby Shower. What if your best friend has moved to a new city? Get friends together. Arrange to have one larger gift sent or available for pick-up at a local retailer. Chat by phone or arrange conference call—even video conference—to see gift opened, see new baby or take nursery tour.
  • Grandma Baby Shower. Treat a grandma-to-be with baby essentials, toys and books she'll need and want to have on hand when the new baby comes for visits.
  • Couples Baby Shower. See our ideas in Blue Is for Boys Baby Shower.