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100 Years of Cakes

Created October 19, 2021
Not to brag, but cakes are kind of our thing. From the 1920s to today, we’ve been shaping America’s sweet tooth and providing must-make recipes for 100 years. From birthday parties to mid-week pick-me-ups to holidays, you’ve trusted us with it all. For that we thank you with these "happy tiers!”
In honor of our 100th birthday we thought we'd take a sweet trip down memory lane with a look back at iconic cakes from each decade. Here are our 11 Most Popular Cakes of the Century. Warning, drool-worthy content ahead.
Okay, so who else is craving cake now? You can’t say we didn’t warn you! Whether you're a history buff and Betty super fan or just looking for a timeless recipe, you can’t go wrong with any of these cakes. Now, all that’s left to do is head to the kitchen and take some whisks.