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Cupcake Tower

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
Displaying cupcakes is easy peasy with a cupcake tower.

Who wouldn’t want to have a tower of cupcakes at their next party? Guess What? Making these beautiful displays is a cinch.

Tiered trays come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices so there’s bound to be one (or two or three if you’re me) that will fit your needs. You can usually find them in a variety of stores including big box stores, craft stores, department stores or of course online. We’re showcasing a 2 tiered display that holds 12 cupcakes that I picked up for next to nothing at a big box store.

Start with your favorite box of Betty Crocker cake mix and bake according to package directions. Don’t forget to coordinate your cupcake liners with your party theme. Once they’ve cooled, use your favorite Betty Crocker icing and then add sprinkles (which are mandatory in our house).

Place them onto the display and you have a terrific centerpiece for any party. Need more than 12 cupcakes? No problem, make more than 1 display or use one large tiered tray. I prefer to have 2 or 3 smaller displays myself to make the table even more festive when we’re entertaining. Additional bonus is that they’re easier to store than the large ones.

If you’d like to get even more creative, weave a small color coordinated ribbon through the holes in the display.