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Attend at Your Own Whisk

Created October 11, 2022
Be the hostess with the mostest
This Halloween, be the hostess with the mostest by putting on an epic Attend at Your Own Whisk Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

This might sound daunting but fear not! We’ve got everything you need like apps, drinks, dinner, desserts and templates to make it a night to remember.

For this classy and mysterious affair, you’ll want to do a little research beforehand. There are plenty of murder mystery websites and guides that have games for you to download or purchase. They will give you instructions on characters, props and anything you and your guests need to know about the storyline.

You might be asking “is this appropriate for kids?” The answer is yes, it totally can be! You can work them into the night by giving them jobs like the butler, server or any other helper that has an important job. Teens can even partake in the game and have an actual storyline. This truly can be catered to as a family event or a parent’s night out/in.

Once you understand how to host and pull off your murder mystery party, it’s time to start thinking about food. It’s safe to say all parties are better when a themed menu is involved. In this case, we’re recommending a fancy dinner party that includes hors d’oeuvres, libations, a main course and dessert.

For an Attend at Your Own Whisk Murder Mystery Dinner Party, we recommend going all out on presentation, garnishes, cocktail napkins and of course – food! We’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes that are perfect for this occasion.

Start the night off by handing your guests a drink to enjoy while they get settled into character. Here are a few cocktails and mocktail options that will get your guests in the spooky spirit!

Next up, appetizers or a fancier name, hors d’oeuvres! Offering light snacks makes an event feel formal and that’s the goal here – Spooky, fun and classy! Here are some apps that are perfect to nibble on while you try to solve a mystery.

The main event (minus finding out who is guilty) is of course dinner. To go along with your theme, here are some fun, jaw-dropping crowd-pleasers. Be prepared to share the recipe because guests will ask!

To finish off the food portion of the night you must go out with a bang! We’re talking creative desserts that will leave people wondering how you came up with all of this. Especially if you hide clues from your murder mystery game in the cake or cupcakes (hint, hint).

Next up is personalization. We’ve created templates that will take a typical murder mystery party to the next level – Attend at Your Own Whisk style. All you need to do is download the templates, personalize and print them.

Lastly, we want to see how your party turned out. Take lots of pics and share your tips and tricks for other Bettys out there. Don’t forget to tag us @BettyCrocker. Happy Halloween.