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All the Best Things to Bring

Updated September 12, 2019
All the Best Things to Bring
Don’t be stressed to impress your hosts! Bring these dishes that travel easy and you’ll be the toast of the Thanksgiving buffet.

Being asked to bring a dish to a big Thanksgiving feast brings with it a unique kind of pressure. There’s a lot to think about: What are other people bringing? (No one wants to end up with four green bean casseroles, no matter how good it is.) What’s going to make an impression? (No one wants to bring the ho-hum dish.) And, of course, how on earth are you going to get your contribution from point A to point B without a spill? (Don’t take those corners too sharp!)

We’ve picked three of our newest superstar recipes—an appetizer, a side and a dessert—that stand up to those challenges so you can get cooking and then hit the road without a worry.

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