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Fun Ideas for Spooky Halloween Fruit Snacks

By Jessica Walker
Created January 10, 2017
Monster Fruit Roll-Ups® , Fruit by the Foot® and Betty Crocker® Fruit Flavor Snacks, oh my! Grab your favorite box and let’s create some bootiful treats!

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Here are 5 fun and yummy ideas for a spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Devilish Hallowscream Cupcakes

What could be easier than topping fudgy devil's food cupcakes with creamy frosting and sweet fruit snacks? You can even use the spooky Monster Fruit Roll-Ups as unique cupcake toppers! Try cutting or folding them into different shapes for extra fun. But beware: little ghouls will gobble them up faster than you can scream "trick-or-treat"!

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Fizzy Frozen Pops

Having a Halloween party? Here’s a trick: serve fizzy frozen pops with a fruit snack treat inside. It’s eerily easy. Just make up your favorite punch or drink, and then halfway through freezing (about an hour) sneak in some fruit snacks. Abracadabra! You have delicious, kid-friendly Fizzy Frozen Pops.

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Monster Mash Mix

Fresh popcorn and fruit snacks go together like ghosts and goblins. So after you’ve made your popcorn, mix in spooky fruit snacks for a perfectly paired treat and serve in festive containers. 

To create your own creepy cones, roll a square piece of paper around itself and tape in place. They’re fun, festive and frightfully delicious!

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Fruity Kix® Balls

Take a sweet and spooky twist on your classic popcorn ball with Kix cereal and fruit snacks! Melt 3 cups mini marshmallows with 3 tablespoons of butter. Mix with 6 cups Kix cereal and 6 packets of fruit snacks. With greased gloves (it is hot!) form into balls. Let cool and put in cute bags to serve at your Halloween party!

Halloween Fruit Snack Ideas

Trick or Treat!

The best thing to pass out to all the cute and creepy little ones that come to your door? Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, of course! Monster Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot will be sweet additions to any trick-or-treat bucket!