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Retro-Fabulous Cheese Balls Are the App Everyone Has Always Wanted

Created November 14, 2019
Retro-Fabulous Cheese Balls Are the App Everyone Has Always Wanted
Everything old is new again, and these retro-fabulous cheese balls are here to prove it!
Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or are simply having people over, appetizers are always a must. But trying to please everyone can feel like a challenge—but as you search for the right solution, we highly suggest looking back at classic apps that have been keeping party guests happy since long before you hosted your first event. You could make fancy puff pastries or punchy dips but the one thing that’ll really make every guest (and host) happy is the legendary cheese ball. This adored heirloom recipe has been in Betty’s and your grandma’s back pocket for quite some time, and once you’ve made (or tasted) one, it’s easy to understand why.

The heart of every cheese ball recipe is a mixture of creamy cheeses, sometimes kicked up with herbs and spices; it’s a prescription for pleasing a crowd if ever there was one. When they’re rolled in fresh herbs, toasted nuts, chips or other crunchies, you have the opportunity to add texture and visual appeal to the exterior of the cheeseball, taking it from pure dairy indulgence to something more nuanced and interesting to eat, with satisfying blends of flavors and textures.

Make one or maybe make three (for variety!) and turn your get-together into an unforgettable grazing table that will spark conversation for sure. And the best part of it all? These round, rolled apps can be made ahead and should be. When you rest your cheese ball for a few hours, or even overnight, it gives the interior and exterior ingredients time to develop, giving you a richly flavored and balanced final product to bring to the buffet table. Ready to make this retro-fabulous app?

Choose your cheese ball, prep it the night before your party and pick your favorite crackers and veggies to make it complete—it’s really that simple.

Choose Your Cheese Ball

Parmesan Cheese Ball

If you want a recipe that keeps it classic, try our Cheese Ball, the heirloom recipe that’s been gracing party tables for generations. This tried-and-true recipe is made with three types of cheese and rolled in fresh parsley for a party-worthy finish.

Willing to kick it up a notch? Try our Pepper Jack Cheese Ball, that gets rolled in everyone’s favorite cheese-dusted tortilla chips and it’s downright delicious! No matter what recipe you pick, we guarantee these cheese balls will impress in looks and flavor.

From our classic Cheese Ball to our festive Holiday Tree Shaped Cheese Ball, there’s surely a recipe for any occasion. Not only will your guests be pleased at the sight of one of these cheesy and oh-so fabulous apps, but these recipes are designed with the host in mind—easy and totally delicious.

Once you’ve selected a recipe, it’s as easy as gathering your ingredients, prepping it the night before and voilà—an appetizer that’s truly ready for any party.

Perfect Cheese Ball Companions

Complete your cheese ball spread with crackers, bread, chips, veggies and more! Below are some of our favorite items to serve alongside cheese balls, but consider this list a jumping-off point—there’s always room to add some extras that play on flavor and texture combinations.

  • French bread
  • Bagel chips
  • Ritz™ crackers
  • Celery sticks
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Nuts

Dig In

Retro-Fabulous Cheese Balls

There you have it! Whether you call them a comeback or a whole new way to enjoy cheese, these retro-fabulous appetizers are destined to win over any crowd. Don’t wait another minute to whip up one of these tasty apps.

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