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It's Girl's Time — Cocktails & Cake Bon Bons

Created January 10, 2017
Invite girlfriends for a night of good cheer and creativity. Start with either easy or elegant cocktails and apps. Go on to craft our Holiday Cake Bon Bons. Everyone takes home some of these clever balls of cake and frosting to eat another time or take to a weekend party.

holiday cake bon bons

Make a List… Check Twice

  • Clear kitchen counters of clutter and give them a good cleaning.
  • Collect baking and assembly equipment and tools. Plan to borrow when you need multiples you may not own.
  • Ask friends to bring some of the ingredients needed for this shared experience. Also make sure everyone has a way to transport finished cake bon bons home!
  • Set up work stations for each part of the prep and crafting—bakers, shapers, frosters and decorators.
  • Be realistic about how much can be accomplished. If you have a large capacity mixer, double or convection ovens those will make things go faster as you can double up mixing and baking.
  • If different flavors cake mix will be prepared, start with the lightest color first and go to the darkest. That way there's no need for washing up of bowls or beaters between flavors.
  • Look for ideas to package cake bon bons if your purpose is to give as gifts. Here are some of our ideas.