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How to Make a Stars & Stripes Pancake

By Cassie Rangel
Created January 10, 2017
Celebrate Independence Day with a stack of patriotic pancakes.
How to Make a Stars & Stripes Pancake

This summer season has produced an abundance of juicy strawberries and fat blueberries. And there isn’t a better way to add natural sweetness and lively color to your breakfast than by utilizing these fresh ingredients. This flag pancake was made using this classic Bisquick® recipe, and a whole bunch of berries. The rectangular shape was created using a squirt bottle to dispense the batter onto the hot griddle. A thin layer of Yoplait Greek yogurt was applied to the upper left corner of the pancake and blueberries were tightly affixed to the yogurt in rows on top. Prepping the fruit in advance made it a breeze to form strawberry-slices stripes. Stars carved from an apple were lightly placed atop the blueberries. The final, finishing touch? Whipped cream rows squirted in between the strawberries. Old Glory never looked so good!