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How to Make a Sheet-Music Wreath

Created January 10, 2017
Deck the halls with this homemade wreath that adds a musically inspired touch to holiday decorating!
How to Make a Sheet-Music Wreath

Get creative with your holiday decorating this season by making this chic sheet-music wreath. To get started, you’ll need music note sheets (that are printed on both sides,) an 8-inch’ cardboard circle, a center decoration (we used a flattened Betty Crocker cupcake liner), clear tape, hot glue and some ribbon to hang the finished product.

First, draw a 3-inch circle onto the center of your cardboard base, marking the center of the circle. Cut some of your music paper into 4 ¼-inch squares; these will be your outside larger cones. To create the smaller cones, cut the rest of your music paper into 3 ¾-inch squares. We used 21 squares for our large cones and 16 squares for our smaller cones, but your number may differ depending on how tightly you roll the cones or how closely you place them together—and that’s OK!

To fold the cones, lay paper flat in front of you with the corner pointing toward you. Hold the corner down and roll paper over about ¾ of the way in the page. Apply glue to the entire edge of the paper you are holding down. Bring this edge over, overlapping the paper, making a cone shape with a tight point at the bottom. Press the glued seam with your fingers. (We placed a small piece of single-sided tape at the bottom edge of the cone at this point to secure the seam since this part won’t be visible.) When the glue is dry, return to cone and manipulate so the top triangle is centered.

To place the cones, start with the outer layer. Place larger cones with small bottom points placed at the outer edge of the 3-inch circle, gluing in place with hot glue. Rearrange cones to make them fit and point uniformly. For the second row, use your smaller cones and place them in the same way so that the small bottom points meet in the center. Make sure the cones are secure, applying glue touchups as needed.

Hot glue your choice of decoration to the center of your wreath and glue your ribbon to the back of the cardboard base to hang! Just make sure your ribbon is glued down starting in the center of the base to prevent it from tipping forward.