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These St. Paddy's Day Treats Are Pure Gold

Created January 23, 2023
You don’t need luck to make your St. Paddy’s Day celebration a hit when you have Betty and your little leprechaun by your side. You already have all the help you need to bake your way to a pot of delicious treats at the end of the rainbow.


Here's how you can strike gold and bake a delicious dessert to please your whole crowd. Each of Betty's decadent cakes has a unique take on your go-to St. Paddy's Day flavors. Are you ready to kick off the celebrations with a centerpiece-worthy cake of your own? We know you have what it takes — let's bake a cake together, Betty!


If you have a big guest list, you're going to need a dessert with an even bigger flavor profile to impress everyone on St. Paddy's Day. But that's never been an issue for you in the past — you've always shown up with an impressive dish to pass. With Betty’s best brownies and bars, you can treat everyone’s sweet tooth to a scrumptious grab-n-go dessert this year.


Are you looking to involve your little one in some St. Paddy's Day fun? Betty has just the dessert for you! These cookies and cupcakes will help put a spring in your kid's step and take some of the simple and more mundane tasks off your hands. Don’t worry, your kiddo won't see it like that. They'll be too busy having fun baking by your side and helping decorate each treat to even notice.


Oh my — all these St. Paddy’s Day-themed pies are a must-try! From a minty-rich combination to classic chocolate and Irish cream delights, we would not want to be the one to choose which pie is right for you. Even if there's only one pie pan in your cupboard, Betty can guarantee you can't go wrong with any of her easy-to-follow, complex-in-flavor, festive pies.

Welcome to the end of the rainbow, Betty. With all this delicious inspiration, we know your St. Paddy's Day will be one you and your guests will remember. Don't forget to tag us @BettyCrocker when you share your creations this year. We love celebrating with those in our family!