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Baking Holiday Cookies with Kids

Created October 28, 2021
Baking holiday cookies with loved ones is one of our favorite seasonal traditions! From testing out new recipes to discovering the secrets of a family staple, it really is the most wonderful—and delicious—time of year! So gather the little ones and bake up some fun-filled memories! We’ve rounded up five simple tips that will keep stress to a minimum and smiles to a maximum. So, what are you waiting for? Let's jump in!

Baking Holiday Memories

Remember that every moment baking together is a memory made! So roll up your sleeves, get the kids ready and say “yasss” to baking cookies for the holidays. Snapping a picture or two is just as important as picking a recipe. Make sure to capture every moment!

Decision Making Skills

Baking is a fantastic opportunity for kids to practice decision-making skills. Start by asking them what recipe they want to bake, or provide them with a few options. Remember to tailor their choices to what’s workable for their age. If they're on the younger side, a cookie mix kit is always a good bet, and as they get older, test out something more complex. As always, if you need some inspiration, we got your back!

Learning’s Baked In!

Not only is baking holiday cookies drool-worthy fun, but it’s also packed with math, science and reading! Why not have the kiddos read the directions aloud? Or explore hands-on ways to incorporate math? There's no shortage of opportunities to learn through baking. It can be as easy as discussing measuring units or sounding out an unfamiliar word. And who doesn't love education you can eat!

Instills Confidence and Pride

Baking cookies for the holidays shouldn’t be too serious; keep it light and fun. Make sure that if your kids are younger, you have smaller, kid-friendly utensils for them to use and assign them age-appropriate tasks. Mistakes are bound to happen, so just laugh it off and move on. Build up their confidence and let them take pride in their adventure with baking!

Have Fun!

Most importantly, enjoy your time together, be silly and have fun. Baking—just like life—can get messy! The memories you and your budding chefs bake up these holidays are sure to be (almost) as sweet as your cookies.