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Adult Halloween Party

Created January 10, 2017
Satisfy the twinkle of devilishness residing within all of us by hosting a Halloween party for your adult friends and family. Bone-chilled guests will instantly warm to frighteningly good food—whether for appetizers and dessert or a full meal—and party activities. Have a hauntingly fun time!
Adult Halloween Party

Freaky Fun 

  • Address invitations 'Uncostumed individuals need not enter our gate.' Or invite guests by phone, complete with eerie-sounding background music. 
  • Award prizes for costumes; mystery books are a great choice. 
  • Provide a fortune-teller. (Or do this yourself and think of fortunes ahead of time.) 
  • Play a murder-mystery game available at game stores. 
  • Do a reading of the classic frightening poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. 

Dramatic Decor 

  • Greet guests with a lawn decorated with tombstones. Write guests' names above the R.I.P. and add eerie epitaphs to make them shiver. Cereal boxes covered with white butcher paper make terrific tombstones. 
  • Light the lawn with luminaries. 
  • Party stores are full of Halloween decor; shop early and choose decorations that suit your party best. Stuff rented costumes or old clothes with newspaper or plastic dry-cleaning bags, and place these extra 'guests' throughout the house to promote conversation and merriment. 

'Goblin' Food Fun 

  • Give scary names to all the menu items, such as Eyes-of-Newt, and write them on name cards to help set the mood. Embellish the cards with Halloween stickers, jewels or glitter markers. 
  • Make enough spritzer to serve in a punch bowl. Freeze cranberry juice in plastic gloves (wash and rinse gloves first to remove any residue). When juice is frozen solid, carefully cut off gloves with scissors. Float hands in punch bowl. 
  • Serve the stew from a witches' cauldron, a large cast-iron pot or a hollowed-out and cleaned pumpkin. Surround the pot with dry ice and water (look for "dry ice" in the Yellow Pages). 
  • Garnish stew servings with a spiderweb of sour cream or squeezable cheese. To make, squeeze circles of sour cream on top of stew from a squeeze bottle or plastic bag with a corner snipped. Drag a knife through the sour cream from the innermost circle to the outermost one. Repeat dragging from center to edge of pan to create web. Toss in a few gummy candy spiders.