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Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Created November 16, 2023

The big meal is over. You’re stuffed and so is your fridge…with Thanksgiving leftovers. Turn your delicious Thanksgiving leftovers into incredible new dishes your family will love! You won’t waste a single, scrumptious morsel with these turkey leftover ideas. But we didn’t stop there. You’ll also find recipes that give leftover mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie some love. You won’t waste a single dish.

Did you know that you can substitute cooked turkey for any recipe calling for cooked chicken? 10 Ways with Rotisserie Chicken - are terrific recipes where can use your leftover cooked turkey, instead. Or what are some of your family’s favorite meals that start with cooked chicken, that you could swap in cooked turkey, instead?

Why not have a second “Thanksgiving” in January? Freeze your leftovers now, reheating them in January, for a super-simple dinner on a busy weeknight! Let our How to Store Leftovers Safely - be your guide.