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Your Next Dinner, Made Even Easier

Created January 10, 2017
the good table parmesan & herb chicken
These easy dinner pairings are made delicious by the simple addition of The Good Table, which transforms your chicken or fish with flavors sure to make everyone at the table happy!

Parmesan & Herb Chicken

the good table parmesan & herb chicken

The Good Table’s Parmesan & Herb Chicken takes on a flair for Italian in next to no time with delicious basil sauce and parmesan herb crust mix. Pair with the following sides for a perfect dinner:

Lemon & Herb Fish

the good table lemon & herb fish

The Good Table’s Lemon & Herb Fish’s roasted garlic sauce and lemon and herb bread mixture means you can create fool-proof fish with ease and flourish for dinner tonight. Use these pairings to complete your meal:

Southwest Tortilla Chicken

the good table southwest tortilla chicken

The Good Table Southwest Tortilla gives your chicken a bold makeover with flavors of fresh lime, onion and garlic. Try with:

Crunchy Peanut Thai Chicken

the good table crunchy peanut thai chicken

Good Table Crunchy Peanut Thai makes tonight’s dinner a little more exotic with Thai peanut sauce and crunchy crust mix made with pieces of peanuts, ginger, coconut and chili peppers. Make these delicious pairings for a well-rounded meal: