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The Yeti Pancake

By Cassie Rangel
Created January 10, 2017
Make your kids’ winter breakfast legendary with this terrifying snow-monster pancake.

Weekend winter mornings always start off slow at our house, which is why I try to inspire everyone to jump out of bed with the promise of a great breakfast. I love serving my son this Yeti Pancake, it’s amusing to watch him vanquish a monster in just a few bites and the giggles are a great way to start the day.

Start by mixing up a batch of this classic Bisquick® Pancake recipe. Pour half of the batter into a clear plastic condiment bottle and cut a quarter inch off the tip to allow for an easier flow, set aside. Next, make a nearly perfect circular pancake by pouring it straight from the bowl onto your heated griddle. Take your squirt bottle and add the “yeti hair” to the perimeter of your pancake by waving your bottle filled with batter in a zigzag motion along the outer circle.


Gently remove your pancake from the griddle and onto a temporary plate or cutting board. Find small plate to use as a stencil and place it in the center of your pancake.


Next, using a chopstick as a drawing tool, you’ll make the mouth out of hazelnut spread. I find that it is easier to apply the hazelnut spread if you heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds. . Cut up pieces of apple to make the teeth and slice the tip of a banana lengthwise to create two horns. Thin slices of banana can be used to make the eyes and nose. I added dark chocolate-covered almonds to the eyes and used multigrain cereal to give the appearance of nostrils, but use whatever you have on hand to create the facial features—this is the time to really be creative!