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Sunday Caesar Salad

By Megan DeKok
Created January 10, 2017
Cancel out the sins of your weekend with a salad so fresh, it’ll change how you think about the mighty Caesar.

This salad is a good weekend-ender. You see, I don’t know about you, but I might’ve eaten macaroni and cheese served in a Parmesan bowl on Saturday evening. I also might’ve had a corned beef sandwich, sampled cookies, and dipped strawberries in whipped cream. So yeah, this is a good salad to get you reset and ready for the week ahead.


Topping this chicken is some chicken, but before you start yawning, listen up! The trick for infusing the chicken with so much robust flavor is the citrus-y marinade. It’s important for every part of a salad to have its own flavor to contribute, and this chicken isn’t letting going to let you down. I love the combination of garlic and lemon juice. They’re a match made in heaven, at least to my taste buds!


I find making vinaigrettes to be super fun! I love how switching up little things can totally transform a salad. And it’s so true with this one. This dressing, without cream or anchovies, still gives you that major “Caesar” taste without weighing you down. You can eat this salad and not worry that the dressing is ruining the “healthy-salad” part of it. And I bet you have most of the dressing ingredients handy. (Bonus.)

So do it up! Cancel out your weekend with a fresh salad that will change how you think about the mighty Caesar.