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Snackspiration: Vitamin Packed

Created January 10, 2017
Get a healthy dose of vitamins while satisfying your cravings with these delicious (and nutritious) snacks.
snackspiration vitamin packed

Sweet Potato Fries: All the fun of fries, but with a whole bunch of vitamin A, potassium and fiber.

Peppers & Hummus: A savory dip that’s packed with protein plus dippers that have crunch and vitamin C to spare!

Fruit-Flavored Snacks: Mott’s Fruity Rolls are a portable way to get more fruit in your day! Perfect for lunchboxes and backpacks.

Almonds: These crunchy, satisfying little nuggets are packed with fiber, protein and minerals. Buy pre-portioned snack bags, or simply divvy them up into small resealable plastic bags for an anytime snack.

Kale Chips: These yummy, crispy chips are super easy to make, and can be customized with spices and flavorings (we’re partial to this recipe with Parmesan and salt) to suit any taste.

Seaweed-Wrapped Avocado: Sushi for a snack? Sign us up! Fresh, creamy avocado is full of fiber and healthy fats, while seaweed is salty and satisfying without adding sodium.

Peanuts: A handful of peanuts (fun fact: they’re actually legumes, not nuts) will net you lots of fiber, protein and calcium—without even taking a trip to the ballpark.

Lucky Charms: No, marshmallows aren’t a vitamin—they’re just an added bonus to the vitamins and minerals found in everyone’s favorite rainbow-colored cereal. Serve with milk for an extra nutrition boost.