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Snackspiration: Gluten Free

Created January 10, 2017
Gluten-free snacking is a breeze with these fun and easy foods free of gluten.
snackspiration gluten free

Spiced Baked Chickpeas: Cayenne pepper, paprika and plenty of protein make this recipe a gluten-free snack that’s filling and far from boring.

Frozen Grapes: Simply pop some red and green grapes in the freezer for a refreshing frozen treat. (They’re like mini-fruit pops!) 

Chex Gluten-Free Granola: Granola’s not just for breakfast anymore. When a sweet-and-crunchy craving strikes, it’s Chex Gluten-Free Granola to the rescue. Snack on a handful, or top with yogurt or milk. 

Popcorn: Whether it’s movie night or just a regular old Tuesday, popcorn always hits the (gluten-free) spot. Stash some small bags at the office for filling afternoon snack. 

Gluten-Free Chex Muddy Buddies: Chocolate + peanut butter + gluten-free Chex cereals = a chocolate lovers’ gluten-free dream team.

Fruit & Nut Bars: Now you can have dessert any time! All LARABAR fruit and nut bars are gluten free, and they come in decadent flavors like Banana Bread, Cherry Pie and Snickerdoodle. 

String Cheese: Packed with calcium and perfectly suited to a lunchbox, briefcase or purse, the original gluten-free snack is a classic for a reason.

Mixed Nuts: Why reserve the nut mix for parties? Grab a small bowl for a protein-packed snack full of healthy fats, or portion them out in plastic baggies for a satisfying addition to lunches.