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Snackspiration: 200 Calories

Created January 10, 2017
Instead of giving up snacking (which research suggests is actually good for you!), let’s snack smarter. These fast low-cal ideas are sure to fuel you up without weighing you down.
snackspiration: 200 calories

Fiber One Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookie: Finally, a delightfully soft and chewy cookie that you can feel good about! Each cookie contains 20 percent of your daily value of fiber and rings in at 120 calories.

Cheesy Ranch Chex® Mix: If you think the 100 calories per ½ cup part of this classic snack is impressive, wait until you realize it only takes 15 minutes and a microwave to make it!

Amaretto Cheese-Filled Apricots: Sure you could enjoy dried apricots on their own, but we highly recommend you try them stuffed with creamy cheese and dipped in crunchy almonds and tangy dried cherries. They’ll only cost you 45 calories each!

Microwave Dill Tater Snacks: Another brilliant microwave snack idea! These little guys are topped with reduced-fat sour cream, turkey bacon and dill for 50-calorie bites ready in minutes.

Chocolate Nut Crisps: With all the deliciousness that’s packed into these Nature Valley Almond Dark Chocolate Nut Crips Bars (we repeat: almond dark chocolate), it’s hard to believe they’re only 130 calories each! 

Hummus and Cucumber Bites: With pitas and store-bought humus on hand, you’re only ever a handful of minutes away from a delicious, 40-calories-per-slice snack.

Prosciutto and Creamy Blue Cheese Pear Slices: With salty prosciutto wrapped around sweet pears and creamy cheese, these 40-calories-per-slice snack hits all the right notes. Best of all, you can make an entire tray to share in just 10 minutes!

Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!: The name on these guys says it all. At a mere 100 calories each, and with flavors like strawberry cheesecake and vanilla cupcake, these are easily our most guilt-free indulgences.