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Recipes with Alfredo Sauce

Created May 30, 2024
Alfredo sauce makes dinner truly magnificent. The rich, buttery texture, overflowing with garlic & Parmesan flavor make it a spectacular addition that can transform a weeknight meal into a memorable moment.

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What is an alfredo sauce?

Alfredo sauce is one of the most popular Italian sauces. It’s a creamy white sauce that uses melted butter, cream and Parmesan as a base. For generations, Alfredo dishes—especially chicken Alfredo dishes—have been a staple in family kitchens worldwide. With a perfect balance of rich flavors and easy preparation, it’s easy to see why.

 It requires just a few simple, widely available ingredients, but when they come together just right, there’s nothing on earth like it. The milky, cheesy flavor melds perfectly with roasted chicken, perfectly al dente pasta, or fresh veggies.

Alfredo sauce is similar to a white sauce or a béchamel sauce, but they both call for flour, while Alfredo sauce does not. That’s what makes it so creamy and flowy. 

The history of Alfredo pasta recipes.

Alfredo sauce, or a variation of it, dates back centuries. But the modern fettuccine Alfredo recipe was invented by a chef named Alfredo Di Lelio in Rome. The dish made him a star, and even earned him a knighthood from the King of Italy!

Today, Alfredo dishes are easier and more accessible than ever. A wide variety of Alfredo sauces are available at the neighborhood grocery store, and on this page, you can find even more ways to make this excellent sauce and mix up your meal time. 

Cooking with alfredo sauce.

Recipes with Alfredo sauce will often call for the pasta, meat or vegetables to be cooked or finished right in the sauce. In fact, some say that the “secret” of the original chicken Alfredo recipe was to cook the noodles in milk. Today, there are as many varieties of Alfredo sauce as there are recipes with Alfredo sauce, but the advantage of this amazing sauce is how well it melds with a variety of tastes and textures.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Chicken Alfredo recipe, or a simple Fettuccine Alfredo recipe, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Explore our collection of classic Alfredo pasta recipes, and you’ll find the go-to favorites, as well as a few new twists on the flavors you love.

Try your hand at some of our delicious Alfredo bake recipes. Let the herbs and cheesy flavor of the sauce infuse with the ingredients as they bake in the oven. Or explore the ways Alfredo sauce can add a delicious depth to soups and stews.

Just about any protein can make for a fantastic Alfredo sauce dinner—turkey, salmon, or even shrimp. But chicken Alfredo dishes are the most popular combinations. 

Alfredo sauce, like most Italian sauces, goes great with just about any style of noodles. You’ll love the way the wide, chewy noodles in our Fettuccine Alfredo recipes soak up all that Alfredo sauce flavor. Or try tortellini, and let the flavors mix with rich, hearty filling. Farfalle—also known as “bowtie” pasta—has folds in the pasta that become perfect pools to be filled with creamy Alfredo sauce. 

Explore all the Alfredo pasta recipes from the Betty Crocker Kitchen and introduce your family to a new favorite!