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Make It Your Way Easy Apple Pie

Created January 10, 2017
Bisquick® Bakes Apple Pie Simple with an easy, press-in-the-pan, single crust pie dough plus three oh-so-delicious mix-in ideas.
Make It Your Way Easy Apple Pie

Apple pie is totally delicious, but tons of work. Does it really need to be that complicated? Nope! At Bisquick, we put our Betty Crocker Kitchens to the task of developing a new-to-you Bisquick Apple Pie. The simplicity of this apple pie begins with our super tender, press-in-the-pan pie crust — so long rolling pin! Next we paired decadent apple pie filling with three different mix-in ideas to create three totally delicious flavors of apple pie. So whether you enjoy your apple pie plain, gluten free, or with cranberries, bourbon, or caramel and pecans, we’ve got recipes that will help you make your apple pie exactly the way you like.