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Hershey’s S’mores Cupcake Mix and Frosting

By Jessica Walker
Created January 10, 2017

When fall rolls around, I always miss my favorite summer campfire treat: s’mores. Chocolate and marshmallow have to be one of my favorite flavor combos. I look forward to nights around the campfire, sandwiching rectangles of sweet Hershey’s chocolate between crunchy grahams and gooey marshmallows. You know I can’t eat just one. To curb my s’more cravings, I was so excited to see Betty Crocker and Hershey’s come out with a s’more cupcake mix and frosting. This mix is deluxe! There is a graham cracker crust, chocolaty cake and a marshmallow crème filling. And I don’t know how they did it, but topped with the fudgy delicious frosting, it tastes JUST like a s’more cooked over the campfire. This treat is perfect for the long Minnesota winter that I know is coming, and it will take me right back to those warm summer nights.