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Easy Dinner Ideas for Kids

Created January 19, 2023
Dinners Kids Can Help Cook
Kids love to help in the kitchen, and parents love to see their kids take on responsibilities and learn new lessons. You might be asking yourself, where do I begin? Well Betty, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to get started. Now, get the kids and grab your aprons! It’s time to make memories in the kitchen.

With Kids: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

  • Engage with your kids from the beginning and make them feel like they’re a part of the decision-making. Ask if there’s anything they’d like to make—a favorite family recipe or something they picked from a cookbook.
  • Invite the kids to the kitchen when you’re beginning a recipe. For the little ones, have them use stepping stools or chairs so they can see what you’re doing (supervised, of course). Let them measure, mix, stir, and season as much as possible. Even though you’ll need to mind and manage all the knives and hot surfaces (ovens, ranges, grills), you’ll be surprised at how much they can do. For more, read our Kid-Friendly Baking article.
  • Cooking with kids should be fun and like playing a game. We recommend having them add the ingredients, read the recipes and take turns mixing and taste testing.
  • Choose dinners with few ingredients — this will help keep them interested longer.
  • Make-ahead meals are great to do in the morning. Set a slow cooker or marinate meat together and come dinnertime they’ll be thrilled to see how the dish has progressed.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. New ingredients aren’t as scary at the table when they’ve had a chance to look them over and familiarize themselves with them ahead of time. Did we possibly solve the picky eater solution? Maybe?!
  • Making your future Bettys feel like the “real deal” by helping them use official kitchen tools and mixing equipment can make all the difference. Just be sure you’re there to observe and help them! Check out our Betty Bakeware and Kitchen Tools.
  • If your kid is feeling daring have them tackle some recipes on their own. We’ve collected 8 Super-Easy Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves . We also offer a variety of mixes, products and more that break down the steps in an easily digestible way. Betty, you might be onto something. Your kiddo might be making delicious dinners and desserts in no time!

Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

Now that you have all the tips and tricks you need for your Chef Jr., we’ve got some recipes we think would be perfect for you and your kid to tackle together!

Photo Finish Presentations

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