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Peach Recipes: Celebrate the 2024 Pantone® Color of the Year

Created January 24, 2024
Peaches and Cream Dump Cake, Peach Crisp, Peach and Raspberry Cobbler

Maybe you’ve caught it on the red carpet or in the aisles of your favorite home goods store. Peach Fuzz, the 2024 Pantone® color of the year, is popping up here and there and everywhere, even in our favorite recipes!

This color is warm, cozy and comforting with a nostalgic yet modern vibe, which  translates beautifully to sweet and savory dishes alike. With our collection of peach recipes below, we’ve made it easy for you to celebrate this fun color trend and start working it into your baking repertoire. Consider it a peach-themed mood board for your kitchen inspiration—plan a beautiful brunch table or design a delightful drink menu for your next dinner party. No matter how you bring this color to life, Betty’s here to help you make it peachy keen!