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35 Make-Ahead Breakfast & Brunch Recipes That’ll Let You Hit Snooze

Created December 21, 2020
Serve up a decadent French toast or an over-the-top egg bake with these clever recipes assembled the night before. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory or single-serving, there’s a recipe for you among Betty’s best make-ahead breakfast and brunch recipes. Go ahead and hit that snooze button again because when you prep one of these tasty recipes the night before, you can rest easy and still pull off an impressively delicious brunch!

Now that you’ve found the breakfast or brunch recipe of your dreams, it’s time for some tips that’ll make serving a cinch.

Best Brunch Tips

Day Before

  • Wash and cut all produce, except fruits that may discolor (like apples, bananas and pears). Store in separate bags or containers.
  • Prepare uncooked egg mixture; cover and refrigerate. Whisk or stir before using.
  • Slice breads for French toast and place in resealable food-storage plastic bags.
  • Make juices or bases for beverage mixtures; cover and refrigerate. Don’t stir in last-minute additions, such as carbonated beverages or alcohol.
  • Prepare the coffeemaker so that it’s ready to go in the morning.
  • Set the table and gather serving dishes and utensils.

Same Day

  • Place hot beverages in thermal carafes or slow cookers.
  • Keep pancakes warm until ready to serve by placing uncovered in a single layer on a paper towel-lined cookie sheet in a 200F oven.

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