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14 Tried-and-True Chili Recipes

Created January 27, 2022
If you don’t have a back-pocket chili recipe (or even if you do), these tried-and-true recipes are for you!
Hearty, comforting and downright delicious, a bowl of chili is a surefire way to warm up during the brutal, winter months. And according to your fellow home cooks, these 15 recipes have proven superior to the rest. While all these recipes are for chili, it’s a dish with a lot of range. So whether you’re looking for a beans-only or a no-beans version (hello, Texan), a smoky or a brightly flavored version or a version made using a particular cooking method (from stovetop to slow cooker to multicooker), we’ve got a home cook-approved recipe for you.
Chili is a great way to warm up during the long, cold months—but we also love cozying up to a big bowl of soup. These Cozy Soups That Are Always Welcome in Winter are the perfect way to cure your wintertime blues. For more ways to stay warm, try one of our recipes from this list of Must-Make Soups, Stews & Chili.