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Baking Fun with Kids in the Kitchen

Created January 25, 2023
Kids love helping out in the kitchen, and who better to help them learn and grow as little chefs than someone who already inspires them every day: you. To help get you started, we’ve shared some of our favorite products and recipes that require less prepping and planning for you, but plenty of yummy possibilities for them. Here’s to making your experience as memorable, educational and fun as possible!

Skills: Measuring, Mixing, Time Management, Shaping Dough, Hand-Eye Coordination

You don’t need an actual party to make these Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls! Using our always delicious (and festive) Rainbow Chip Cake Mix, you and your kiddo can celebrate practicing different skill sets before rewarding yourself for a job well done with these colorfully frosted treats.

Skills: Measuring, Mixing, Time Management, Hand-Eye Coordination, Working With Chocolate

The kiddos will love this creative spin on the everyday brownie — there’s just something about a snack on a stick that makes everything more fun! Though young chefs will have to practice patience while working with melted chocolate, they can go crazy when it comes to decorating their masterpieces.

Skills: Measuring, Mixing, Time Management, Focusing on Multiple Tasks at Once

Ooh la la! You’ll have so much fun taking our Sugar Cookie Mix and turning it into these melt-in-your mouth Crème Brûlée Cheesecake Bars. Help your mini chef keep an eye on things as you go, all the while reminding them of the sweet reward awaiting you at the end.

Skills: Measuring, Mixing, Time Management, Hand-Eye Coordination, Drizzling

Isn’t the muffin top everyone’s favorite part? Well, you’re about to make them even more over-the-top (see what we did there?) with our Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffin Tops recipe. Your young chef will have a blast mixing and dropping the batter, not to mention putting their own finishing touch on top with a brown sugar streusel glaze.

Getting kids in the kitchen is such a rewarding, fun experience, and it’s even easier with Betty by your side. We’d love to see pics of you and your little chef’s creations! Please share photos as well as any of your own favorite kid-friendly bakes with us on social using @BettyCrocker.