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Pie for Pi Day

Created February 28, 2023
Did you know that there is no known ending to the number 3.14159…? In our world, that means there’s no ending to the fun this day can bring. Turns out, baking spring desserts (especially pies) can be just as educational as it is entertaining. Between yummy measurements, appetizing angles, and tasty temperature checks, there are plenty of culinary skills to learn… and who better to teach your kiddo than you? Time to grab those pie pans and prepare to make your master(pie)ces!

Enjoy a Slice of Education

There are numerous math, science, and life lessons that go into the prepping, measuring, and baking of your pie. Here are a few ways to get your family as excited about education as they are about the pie you’re cooking up:

Math Fun

It’s important to cut each pie piece just right so no one gets a tastier slice than anyone else! Since a pie is circular in shape, and a full circle is 360°, what angle would each slice be if it was cut into 6, 8, or 10 pieces? Tip: Divide 360 by the number of slices you need.


6 pieces = 60°
8 pieces = 45°
10 pieces = 36°

Baking Science Fun

Believe it or not, fat plays a very important role in your pie crust’s texture and flavor. There are also several different types of fat that can be used to cook up different results:

Butter gives great flavor and provides tenderness, but can easily melt and make dough a bit harder to roll out.

Shortening also gives a flaky crust, is easy to roll out, and provides structure to your crimping, but isn’t always the best flavor.

Lard, or rendered pig fat, gives a very tender crust and is easy to work with, but is not widely used.

Spelling Fun

While your special Pi Day pie is in the oven, set a separate timer to 3 minutes and 14 seconds and see who can make the longest list of words that begin with “pi.” Whoever gets the most gets the first slice!

We hope you savor all of Betty’s tips for educating, eating, and enjoying Pi Day. Does your family celebrate 3.14 in your own special way? We’d love to know more! Please share your tasty traditions with us below or on social @BettyCrocker.