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Zoo-rrific Kids Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Zoo-rrific Kids Birthday Party
Your little “lion” will sleep tonight after you pull off a “zoo-per” birthday party just for them. Although taking kids to a real zoo is fun, we have some great ideas for zoo activities using favorite jungle animals to make a great party at home.

Zoo-riffic Invitations

  • Using zoo animal stickers, make an animal parade with the animals carrying presents or balloons on plain invitation cards.

Zoo-pendous Decorations

  • Cut out paper place mats in the shape of zoo animals. Place animal stickers on card stock to create place cards; print children’s names on place cards with bright-colored markers. Fill party cups or flat-bottom ice cream cones with snack mix.

“Zoo Much” Fun Games & Activities

  • Offer face painting for kids to imitate zoo animals. Draft another parent to help out with this activity. Make headbands with ears cut from construction paper.
  • Play pin the tail on the zoo animal. Check out a party store or online resources for game and craft supplies with jungle animal graphics.
  • Hire a local theater to put on a puppet show with jungle animals or do your own using finger puppets.
  • Keep a ready-reserve of jungle animal movie or song DVDs on hand in case your “zoo” gets out of control. These come in handy when you need to be in the kitchen getting the food ready.

“Zoo Wonderful” Memories

  • Fill party loot bags with bags of Snack Attack snack mix, zoo animal stickers and a plastic zoo animal.