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Turtle-icious Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Calling all slow pokes! Here’s a sweet birthday party for the younger boy or girl who is fond of turtles or has a favorite turtle character on a children’s television show or in a storybook. Our party will truly have everyone you know green with envy. What are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate!

Party Invitations

  • Make do-it-yourself invitations by cutting cardstock to create a turtle shape, using your child’s favorite storybook or movie turtle as a pattern. Tuck a few turtle stickers in the invitation with the important 'when and where' details before it's mailed.
  • Encourage guests to come dressed in green!

Party Decorations

  • Green rules! You’ll find lots of choices for paper goods, decorations and favors online or at party stores using the turtle theme.
  • Let the Pull-Apart Turtle Cupcakes mosey over to be the table’s centerpiece!

Party Games & Activities

  • Play “pin the tail on the turtle,” of course!
  • Create a “treasure hunt” for partygoers using turtle bean bags or small plush turtles as some of the treasures to find.
  • Chalk the sidewalk or make a rock-filled stream on length of rolled white paper (can use for table cloth) and use turtles from treasure hunt to play game along lines of favorite kids’ board game like “Candy Land.” Have turtles move from sunny rock to sunny rock.
  • You can’t lose with bubbles for this younger set!

Food Fun & Favors

  • If you enjoy baking with kids, let them shape and bake smaller versions of Turtle Bread or create one big one if the party is small. They’ll love taking these turtles home!
  • Provide supplies, patterns and inspiration for a Make 'n Eat Picture, using turtle for sailboat pictured.