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Pony Pals Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Everything is OK at this birthday corral! You’ve got all you need for good eating and plenty of fun to celebrate your pony-loving birthday girl or boy’s big day, whether their party is down South, out West or anywhere in between! Barbecue flavors rule for eats no matter the weather. And, our Pony Cake is one handsome filly, you betcha!
Pony Pals Birthday Party

Party Invitations

  • Make do-it-yourself invitations by cutting cardstock to create a pony shape, using your child’s favorite storybook or movie pony as a pattern. Tuck a lucky horseshoe or charm in the invitation with the important 'when and where' details before it's mailed.
  • Encourage guests to bring a favorite toy pony to the party and dress-up in Western wear.

Party Decorations

  • Let your child’s favorite pony story or movie characters guide the colors and themes used for paper goods and balloons. You’ll find lots of choices online or at party stores.
  • Corral the Pony Cake for the table’s centerpiece as shown.
  • Our food choices have a “down home on the ranch” flavor to them so we would use red checked tablecloth and bandana print napkins guests could take home or tie on as a neckerchief. Use metal candle lanterns (no need to light candles) and buckets filled with colorful paper sunflowers to carry out the theme.

Party Games & Activities

  • Play “pin the tail on the pony” and break open a pony-shaped piñata, of course!
  • Have a galloping good relay race with partygoers paired as the front and back ends of a horse. Provide one child on each team with headband made into ears and mane and another with tail to attach. Each pair goes one distance as one end and switches to come back as the other, then hands off the props to the next pair.
  • Arrange for the surprise visit of a pony during the party.
  • Have the partygoers spend time braiding ribbons and artificial flowers found at craft stores, into manes and tails of their own toy pony. Or craft wreaths of roses to hang around ponies’ necks.

Food Fun & Favors

  • Tie up Chocolate Malt-Cherry Mix in bandanas, fill small metal pails or look for cute boxes with pony prints, like the one shown, as a take-home treat.
  • Provide supplies, patterns and inspiration for a Make 'n Eat Picture, using favorite storybook horses for design source.