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Out of This World Space Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...BLAST OFF! Thrill your astronaut wannabe with this 21st century space odyssey. Patrolling the galaxies for alien beings, spying renegade meteors, and tailing flashing comets...send a team of space explorers hurtling through the outer reaches.
Out of This World Space Birthday Party

Party Invitations

  • Kids can make their own invitations using cardstock and celestial rubber stamps. Each invitation can be its own original art work. Just make sure the important "when and where" details are given.

Party Decorations

  • Hang foil-wrapped cardboard stars and planets made from styrofoam balls painted metallic.
  • Let the spaceship cake take center stage on the party table. Sprinkle metallic star confetti on the tabletop.

Party Games & Activities

  • Have a moon rock hunt. Paint about 50 small-sized rocks with silver-glitter paint. Hide the rocks in your yard. Kids will love to find the rocks as well as bring them home.
  • Get the space crew building a couple of space ships destined for Mars. Supply a few large cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, duct tape, and safety scissors. Gather several sets of walkie-talkies so they can communicate between ships.  Rent an inflatable bouncing unit with a space theme for the backyard.
  • Visit a planetarium.
  • Make a time capsules with the idea of checking it at the next birthday party.

Party Favors

  • Fill goodie bags with star stickers, mini celestial-named candy bars, and pencils decorated with a space theme.