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Magical Prince Castle Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
If your little guy has been slaying a lot of imaginary dragons lately and refuses to remove his cape before bed, some royal recognition might be in order. Celebrate bravery over medieval creatures and marauding armies with a bash fit for a king. His Royal Highness can choose his knighted friends of the neighborhood and ask them to arrive in costumed finery to kick off the festivities
Magical Prince Birthday Party

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

  • Send invitations in the form of scrolls, and start them off with a Hear ye, hear ye ... His Royal Highness (insert name) invites you to an imperial birthday bash. Invite the princes and princesses to don their crowns and other royal regalia.
  • Fly flags outside of your house with the birthday prince’s name and hang colorful pennant banners from the ceiling. Gather the guests at the “Round Table” to make crowns from cardstock, markers and fake jewels.

Royal Fun

  • Create the fortress façades out of giant empty appliance boxes (cut doors and windows with an utility knife) and let the guests turn them into their own personalized castles with markers, stickers, paper turrets and plastic figurines.
  • Set the gang loose on a scavenger hunt throughout the house; each child should get a treasure map with X marks the spot on it. Or, to make it super easy, simply fill mini plastic treasure boxes with candy and hide them in the backyard for the kids to find.
  • Start a cannonball fight! Spray-paint Styrofoam balls black, then break the party into teams and let them have at it. The team that captures the most cannonballs is declared victorious!
  • Fill favor bags with miniature play swords and knight figurines, “dragon eggs” (giant gumballs) and chocolate coins.

The Feast