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How to Make a Hello Kitty Party Headband

Created January 10, 2017
Your birthday party guests will have a great time playing with these no-sew Hello Kitty headbands.

Hello Kitty headbands are a great favor for your guests to take home and play with at the party! Using a template makes it easy to whip them up by the dozen. Best part is you don’t even have to know how to sew! 

What you’ll need:


How to: 

1. Print off and cut out the Hello Kitty bow and ear template. Next, trace the pieces on the felt and cut them out.


2. Lay out your ears and then put your headband on top, making sure to keep them lined up evenly. Then, add hot glue around the edges and fold into place. Allow the glue set for a few minutes before moving onto step 3.


3. Make and add your bow by adding a little hot glue in the middle of your bow and fold over. Then add a touch of glue on the outer side of your bow, folding the side pieces over. Now it’s time to add your middle circle! Add some hot glue to the back and firmly press into place. Hot glue your bow onto the left ear and you're done!