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Building Blocks Birthday Party

Who’s the coolest kid on the block? It’s the birthday boy or girl who invites friends to share party fun and food with a building and construction theme! Whether your young engineer is just the age to pile building blocks in a towering stack or can program a Lego®-built robot, they’ll enjoy a party designed with their favorite building blocks in mind. And, a parent might find this one of the easiest birthday treats you’ve ever tackled! ! MORE+ LESS-

Party Invitations

  • Make do-it-yourself invitations or choose from many construction-themed choices online or at party stores. This is a popular party theme and your child probably has favorites, whether it’s a kids’ television show like Bob the Builder™ or an age-specific Lego® series
  • Encourage guests to dress in jeans—what else—and t-shirts in primary colors.

Party Decorations

  • Primary colors—especially construction sign yellow—reinforce the building blocks theme, as do block shapes. Choose squares for paper plates, for example. You’ll find lots of choices online or at party stores.
  • Let blocks, building brick constructions or construction vehicles take center stage a table decor.
  • Think of fun ways to serve snacks or package take-home treats. A party held outside would be perfect served from lunch pails or individual coolers. Drinks can be served from a thermos

Party Games & Activities

  • Have plenty of blocks and building bricks for partygoers to play with as guests arrive! Depending on age of children, have them construct table decorations individually or together.
  • Inspire older children with construction activities found online like those at the Lego® website.
  • Use blocks to create contests—tallest stack, best construction made while blindfolded, fastest specific construction while wearing construction gloves. You get it!

Food Fun & Favors

  • Fill toy trucks with Load 'n Go Gorp as shown to serve at party or as take-home treats.
  • Make and decorate easy cutout cookies using construction-themed cutters, like hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and package for take-home treats. Use easy Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix and a recipe like Confetti Christmas Cutout Cookies for inspiration.