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Slow-Cooker Cheesy Butternut Squash and Tortellini Soup

By Tieghan Gerard
Created January 10, 2017
Squash and apple are brilliant additions to this gloriously hued, beer-spiked soup, made extra rich with three kinds of cheese.

With the holidays around the corner and my family’s schedule filling up, I’m all for easy dinners, even better if they include my favorite seasonal ingredient, butternut squash. While squash can sometimes be a pain to cook, preparing it in the crock makes it so painless. Set it to cook in the morning, and when you come home after your busy day, all you need to do is puree the soup, add the cheese and the tortellini. The resulting soup is beyond luscious—creamy, cheesy and filled with big fall flavors.

To start, add all the ingredients except the tortellini and cheese, to your slow cooker. (You’ll find the exact list of ingredients below!) Cover and cook on low for four to six hours or high for two to four hours.


Once the squash is soft, puree the soup using an immersion blender or transfer the soup to a blender and carefully blend it in batches.


Then transfer the soup back to the slow cooker. Crank the heat to high and toss in the tortellini and cheese. Cook ten to 20 minutes, or until the pasta is heated through.


What a glorious color!


Ladle into bowls and top with fresh sage. Pair it with some crusty bread and a pumpkin beer and you have yourself a feast!