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Grilled Bisquick® Margherita Pizza

By Angie McGowan
Created January 10, 2017
It’s a breeze to make pizza on the grill when you use Bisquick®!

Every Saturday is pizza night for my family. Once in awhile, we’ll go out for pizza, but more often than not, I like to make a homemade pizza. I usually bake the pizza in the oven, but when the weather is right, I make it on the grill. 

Grilling pizza is fun. I love cooking outside because I don’t heat up the house. And doesn’t everything just taste better when it’s cooked over an open flame? 

We prefer charcoal, but you can also use a gas grill and get the same results. For the crust, I took a fabulous shortcut and made it with Bisquick®. I quickly combined Bisquick® and very hot water for just 20 strokes. (Any more stirring will result in a tough crust.) 

Knead the dough with additional Bisquick® until it isn’t sticky anymore, about 2 to 3 minutes. Form the dough into a 12-inch circle. (It’s more important that the dough is of uniform thickness and not a perfect circle. So if your dough isn’t completely round, don’t worry about it.) 

 Grill the crust until it is brown on one side and then turn it over. Add the toppings. Close the grill lid until the cheese melts. To finish off this classic margherita pizza, garnish it with freshly chopped basil and olive oil.