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Gadgets for Grilling Like a Pro

Created January 10, 2017
Gear up for grilling season with the right tools for the job.

1. Sturdy Spatula

We love the durable stainless-steel construction of this sleek spatula--and that it's the perfect size for grilling small or delicate foods like shrimp and petite steak.


2. Grilling Basket

Never again lose another veggie through the grates! Add all of your favorites (even the small ones) to this pan and grill alongside the main course for a meal that's ready all at once.


3. Long-Arm Grill Brush

A clean grill is a safe grill. We like this extra-long brush because at nearly 30 inches, it keeps you safely away from the fire while the mix of brass and stainless steel keep the bristles rust-free.


4. Remote Thermometer

This brilliant device monitors internal temperature from 300 feet away. A wireless receiver with LCD beeps when the temp goes above what was programmed so you can have perfectly grilled steak without the guesswork.


5. Basting Brush

Essential for layering on sweet glazes and tangy barbecue sauces, this basting brush is our top pick for its silicone bristles that don’t clump, frizz or retain odors.


6. Labeled Food Trays

We love how this grilling station saves us multiple trips in and out of the house by having a clearly labeled spot for everything—raw meats to be grilled, finished food ready to eat and even a spot for transporting tools.


7. Grilling Planks

Grilling on a cedar plank is our favorite way to cook salmon. It imparts amazing flavor and eliminates the risk of fillets sticking or breaking when turned.


8. Skewer Rack

What we adore about this rack is that it fits directly onto your grill and elevates skewers 1.5 inches to reduce flare-ups that happen with regular kabobs.