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Five Baking Gadgets We’re Loving This Fall

Created January 10, 2017
Now that fall baking season has officially arrived, treat yourself to some new kitchen helpers. Here’s a quick list of our favorites.

1.  Daunted by a bag of apples that need peeling, coring and slicing? This reliable Cast Iron Apple Corer and Peeler with a quick-turning handle can do it all, saving you time, effort, cleanup and cut fingers.

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2.  Hop on the hand pie bandwagon with the assistance of these adorable Petite Apple Pie Molds. Bonus: the lid seals and crimps crusts effortlessly.

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3.  Saving you the messy step of slicing sticky dessert bars, this Nonstick Dessert Bar Pan turns out single-serving-sized bars (or cheesecakes!), no sweat.

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4.  Charmingly retro, this Mini Bundt Pan churns out a dozen miniature muffins or cakes. The nonstick surface means clean-up's a breeze! 

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5.  Gifts from the kitchen are always welcome. Pick up this set of four Nonstick Mini Loaf Pans and be ready for holiday gifting season.

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