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Comfort From the Crock: Bacon-Ranch Chicken Melts

By Cindy Rahe
Created January 10, 2017
Move over sloppy joes, there’s a new family favorite sandwich in town.

Whenever I’m looking for a meal that’ll have universal appeal, any combination of bacon and ranch never seems to disappoint. I mean, who really can resist the comforting allure of this flavor-packed combo? (Exhibit A. These five-star Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Enchiladas I created last year.) This family friendly recipe adds these flavor stars to slow-cooked chicken piled on toasty buns, covered in melted cheese. One bite, and I think you’ll agree this combo is hard to beat.

This recipe begins simply with a zesty combination of Progresso Chicken Broth and dry ranch seasoning, which is poured over lightly seasoned chicken breasts to make a flavorful broth in the slow cooker.


While the chicken simmers, crisp up that bacon. I love the sheet-pan method of cooking bacon as it saves me free from standing over a sputtering skillet of hot grease and comes out perfectly every time.


Even though the slow-cooked chicken is delicious on its own, it’s made even more so once it’s matched with buttery, toasted buns, sharp cheese and, of course, that crispy, salty, savory bacon. Personally, my hubby and I also enjoy the fresh additions of chopped green onion and fiery jalapeños, for crunch, flavor and heat. If you’re serving this to young ones, feel free to omit either one (or both!).


Once the chicken is cooked and shredded, pile it onto toasty buns, topped with bacon and cheese and pop them quickly into the broiler.


So hearty, melty and delicious!