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Brick Grilling

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
With my quick tips and tricks, you can make mouthwatering grilled chicken under a brick…just like they do in Italy!

The first time I ever saw anyone grill with bricks was in Italy. I thought it was odd but didn’t question it. After all, they are Italian and make amazing food, right? Right!


What I have come to know is that grilling a whole chicken with bricks makes the crispiest skin ever while keeping the inside moist, juicy and delicious. It’s true. And it’s as easy as picking up a few standard bricks and wrapping them in aluminum foil. That’s not code for anything. There are no pricey gadgets you have to buy. Just bricks and foil. The end!


You’ll butterfly a whole chicken, which basically involves a pair of kitchen shears (and a little wincing if you’re squeamish!). You’ll then make a quick marinade of oil and herbs and give the chicken a nice massage. Let it mix and mingle. Once they’ve had a flavor party and are ready to go, fire up your grill and let the bricks do all the work. 

The weight of the bricks holds the chicken to the grill and makes it cook more even and faster than roasting or grilling it whole. It’s a win-win because when you smell that bird cooking you’ll want it straight away!


If you’d like the recipe, you can find it here: How to Grill Chicken Under a Brick