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Cooking with Thai Spices

Created January 10, 2017
Lemon grass. Cardamom. Chilies. If you’re hungering for a taste adventure, look no further than your spice rack! With a few Thai spices, you can whip up tasty Thai curry and restaurant-quality noodles your family will love.

Thai-Style Coconut Chicken

Red Chili Peppers

For a kick of heat, add freshly ground red chilies, or chili sauce, paste, or powder, to your pot. Tastes great in Thai curries, Pad Thai noodles, meat dishes, and Thai salads.


A common ingredient in Thai cooking, Cardamom is thought to host a variety of health benefits. A pinch of freshly ground seeds or store-bought powder will add a slight fragrant, lemony-sweet flavor to your dishes.


No doubt, you’re familiar with cinnamon. But did you know that cinnamon comes from tree bark? Add a tap or two of cinnamon powder to your next curry for a hint of sweet, woodsy flavor. For a dramatic, flavorful flair, roast a few cinnamon sticks and arrange them around your dish.


Sweet and fragrant, the tiny coriander seed is an essential ingredient in many Thai curries, marinades, and sauces. If you can, buy whole seeds. Coriander powder is alright in a pinch, but doesn’t retain coriander’s lemon-peel-and caraway flavor quite as well.

Lemon Grass

This tall grass looks like an onion—but don’t be fooled! It’ll add a lemony kick to your Thai curries and soups. If you can’t get your hands on fresh lemon grass, opt for the dried or powdered version.