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10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Taco Shells

By Inspired Taste
Created January 10, 2017
You know how there are always a few leftover taco shells in the box? Well, do we have some fun ideas for you! Here’s 10 fantastic ways to use up those shells.
Old El Paso Taco Shells

You know that moment when you peek into the taco shell box and see just a few shells left? There isn’t enough for the whole family and you really don’t want to go out just to buy another box. 

Don’t fret, we have 10 spectacular and easy ways to use them up, taking regular ‘ol shells up to a whole new level.

1. First up, why not make a single or double serving of Cheesy Nachos? Break the shells up a bit, top with cheese, beans, olives or whatever you love on your nachos, then give them a zap in the microwave and you’re done!

Cheese Nachos

2. Why not add a crunch to your next salad? Just throw them on top of your favorite salad; we love to add rinsed canned black beans, corn and a zesty dressing for a tex-mex inspired salad.  

3. How about an easy breakfast for one? Just scramble up a couple of eggs and pack them into the leftover shells. Top with salsa, hot sauce or jalapenos for a bit of heat.

Breakfast Tacos

4. Add a crunchy topping to baked macaroni and cheese. Creamy, cheesy mac & cheese gets even more amazing when topped with something crunchy. Forget breadcrumbs and instead reach for those leftover taco shells. 

5. Skip store-bought bag ranch chips and and make your own. It's easy! Just sprinkle a packet of ranch seasoning along with broken taco shells into a plastic bag, then shake and enjoy!

Ranch Chips

6. Make a batch of rice and beans then add some crunch with crumbled up taco shells. The corn flavor will go wonderfully with the creamy beans. 

7. Make your own chicken nuggets. Go ahead and crumble up extra taco shells, then use them as a crunchy breading for chicken. Cut up the chicken, dredge them in flour, dip in egg then coat in the crumbled shells. Bake or fry for deliciously crunchy nuggets.

Taco Shell Crusted Chicken

8. Kick your sandwich up a notch with some extra crunch. One of our favorite sandwiches is tuna salad, but they don’t have much texture, so adding a handful of crumbled taco shells adds crunch and excitement. 

9. Why not pop open a can of your favorite soup and crumble the shells on top? This es especiallly fabulous for Progresso’s Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken Soup. 

10. Last, but most certainly not least, turn those extra shells into dessert! Throw a few broken shells into a plastic bag with cinnamon and sugar, then drizzle with caramel or chocolate sauce. Serve with fruit or splurge with some ice cream!

10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Taco Shells

There you have it, 10 fabulous ways to use up those lonely leftover taco shells. How about you, how do you use them up?