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Ten Easy Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
10 Easy Ways to Add Greek Yogurt To You Life and Love It
How to Use Greek Yogurt

There are hundreds of ways to use Greek yogurt here are my top 10 favorites:

  1. Swap It Out.  Swap out sour cream, swap in Greek yogurt. It has the same consistency!
  2. Save On Fat.  Instead of spreading on the mayonnaise, go for Greek yogurt. And mix it up in egg salad and tuna salad, too!
  3. Get Saucy. When making a creamy pasta sauce, use Greek yogurt in lieu of cream cheese.
  4. Say Good Bye to Buttermilk.  Substitute Greek yogurt for a new spin on pancakes and biscuits.
  5. Freeze It.  Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?!
  6. Do the Dip.  Use Greek yogurt as the base for a healthier, creamy dip.
  7. Get to Frosting.  Instead of store-bought frosting, why not make your own using Greek yogurt? You won’t believe how incredibly easy this one is!
  8. Be a Smoothie Operator.  Using Greek yogurt as the base for smoothies is a no-brainer. They’re so, so good!
  9. Get Dressed Up.  Mix up a batch of creamy salad dressing using Greek yogurt. Ranch anyone?
  10. Do the Splits. Banana splits, that is! Instead of adding ice cream to the mix, why not go for Greek yogurt instead? Bonus: you can have it for breakfast!