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Five New Ways to Cook and Eat Mushrooms

By Inspired Taste
Created January 10, 2017
Save a little money and crank up the flavor with these show-stopping recipes, all starring the portabella mushroom.
Five New Ways to Cook and Eat Mushrooms

On any given week, you’ll most certainly find one (or two) packages of portabella mushrooms stashed away in our fridge. They’re cheap, satisfying and can be transformed into so many fun (and crazy delicious) meals. From tacos to sliders to FRIES – yeah, we said it – fries! 

We’ve got five show-stopping recipes for ya, all staring the portabella mushroom. They all taste completely different, but use one of our absolute favorite secrets when cooking with mushrooms. 

Here’s the secret. Use steak seasoning. 

You see, mushrooms, especially portabella mushrooms, have this meaty, deep flavor – we’re not saying they’re the same as a steak, because they’re not – but they’re close. So, just as the steak seasoning would enhance all those delicious bold flavors of the steak, it does the exact same for mushrooms. Major WIN. 

So, when you browse through these recipes, look for it and know you’re stepping into some seriously bold flavor!


Spicy Portabella and Potato Hash 

This one is perfect for the guys. You’ve got bold flavors coming from every angle -- meaty mushrooms, creamy potatoes, tangy blue cheese, and spicy jalapenos. If that wasn’t enough we threw in lots of bright green chives, too. Try serving with a runny egg on top or next to a steak, chicken or pork.


Cheesy Portabella Sliders 

Maybe something in sandwich form is more your style? Why not make some sliders reminiscent of, wait for it, pulled pork! We slap meaty mushrooms and onions cooked in a sweet and sour sauce onto slider buns then top with lots of spicy slaw. This one would be perfect to serve at your next get-together.


Portabella Tacos with Spicy Cabbage Slaw 

Who doesn’t love a good taco, we sure do. That’s why we just had to transform one of our favorite tacos into one that makes mushrooms the star. We love making steak tacos, but it can get a little pricy, so we replaced steak with meaty portabella mushrooms and topped everything with cool green avocado and a spicy slaw (we LOVE that spicy cabbage slaw, can you tell?).


Sweet-and-Sour Portabella Sliders 

These sliders were such a hit that we actually did a little remix and made another portabella slider. This time, though, we topped the mushrooms and onions with lots of gooey melted provolone cheese. Oh, they were good!


Baked Portabella Fries 

What better to go with one of those sliders than some fries, right? Don’t just go with boring old potatoes. Try using, you guessed it, portabella mushrooms, instead! They’re SO easy to make and taste delicious. By delicious we mean, you could totally hand one to a child and we bet they would LOVE it. Crunchy and perfect when dipped in some ketchup – these are a winner! 

So, there you have it, five totally new ways to cook with portabella mushrooms. Have any favorites? We just can’t choose!