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How to Make an Egg and Black Bean Tostada

By Inspired Taste
Jump start your breakfasts with this mouthwatering Mexican-inspired dish!
Egg and Black Bean Tostada

Sometimes cereal and toast just aren’t enough in the morning. So why not add a little pizzazz and create a breakfast meal brimming with flour tortillas, black beans and eggs? You’ll love it!

We start with soft flour Old El Paso® tortillas and then top each one with spicy green chilies, black beans, cheese and a whole egg.

Egg Tostada

That’s right, a whole egg. You just crack the egg into a small bowl or cup and slide it into the middle of the tortilla.

Egg Tostada_1

Everything goes into the oven and bakes up into an amazing breakfast.

Egg Tostada_2

If you’re like us, it’s hard to just stop there! We dice up an avocado and sprinkle it over the top for a special touch.